The Tapina Company

To a fault, I tend to think a bit too abstract at times, this makes me really good at "tag lines" or "company names" - it makes me really bad at getting simple thoughts across neatly. Then came the SIMPLE thought of naming a company "Tapina", amazingly so, it came easy to me. My Nonno would call me “tapina”, meaning “little devil” in Italian…it’s a very cherished nickname that my family now uses to refer to my daughter.

With production - I found that getting back to sewing only helped me to remember family now so far away. Creating made me realize what I'd been missing in all of the out-of-house-work I'd been doing for years. Donating is one of the greatest feelings and you don't have to have tons of additional income to do such a task, you don't have to win the latest lottery jackpot either- you only need the interst in helping others.

As a mother to 3 of the greatest children, adding one more "thing" to my list of "things to do" was not something I was aching to accomplish. We can and should teach kids and adults to donate time, money and/or even brain power! Donating is not always something that is easy to accomplish but, we do it because it needs to be taught and understood. Excitement about creating and raising money for charity arose in me and, the concept for "The Tapina Company" began...

The ultimate vision - “The Tapina Company” is going to create trendy pieces, and find cool ways to donate and spark excitement about using simple materials.

The dolls - The dolls are made from recycled cotton cloths: local thrift shop finds, linen closet searches, clothing closets, kitchen cupboards and neighborhood donations. They are about 8 inches tall, of a simple pattern with the phrase "I AM" sewn across the chest, and they are all one of a kind pieces. It's easy for you to either request a particular color or preferred pattern- I'll look into my stock of dolls or create one to fit your preference.

Purchasing in quantity and with a logo to represent your fund or event is something that can easily be discussed and accomplished!

Each purchase made is tagged with a card that specifies which charity you’ve purchased on behalf of. Learn more about the charities we represent in my "Etsy profile" or click on the "charity time" tab for this blog.  All charities and organizations are carefully researched. All contributors and products are carefully selected. Charities are subject to change without notice.
** Recently, I was asked to create the dolls for a pilot program to inspire and empower children. I'm so proud to have branched into a space where the "I AM" dolls can become a teaching and healing tool. I AM, ready to inspire and be inspired!

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Continually creating so that you can purchase and donate...

Thank you for your time, donation and trust.


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