Friday, May 10, 2013

I AM, at Alina's Career Day

Hello, my name is Vivian, and I'm an artist.

I have a room in my house that I work out of, instead of calling it my "office", we call it "the art room". It's where we ALL create and I love this space in my house.

This has not always been my full-time job, I've always painted and sewn, created- before and after my jobs I had out of the house. One day, I became brave and really wanted to show people what I created. I created a doll, and I called it the "I AM doll". Here's what the doll looks like...everyone say "hi" to the dolls...

(show kids dolls...)

Now, I know you're thinking- "that's just a box with rectangles hanging from it", right?

(wait for the laughter to end)

But, I created them and they are "dolls" to me, I AM, the artist! Simple boxes with these "things" hanging from it- my "I AM" doll.

(wait for additional laughing to end...these are 3rd graders...)

So, these "boxes with things hanging" have the words "I AM" sewn across the center. "I AM happy", "I AM crazy", "I AM sad", "I AM a sunny day" could make up whatever phrase you wanted to with these simple words. And this is one of the things that makes them special- they can mean something different to everyone. When I created these dolls, the "I AM" was part of a phrase "I AM someone who can make a difference".

What's even cooler about these "dolls" is when someone buys a doll, 30% gets donated. (kids immediately need to impress me with their math skills...I'm impressed!) 

The donations help fix homes that are still damaged from the Hurricane Sandy storm over Halloween last year, it could help kids feel better, it could help buy books for a Library! So, with my company, people buy what I'm creating and I get to then put some of that money towards helping others- how cool, right??????  You all just had a food donation at school- how great does it feel to know that you all helped some families eat a meal or have a snack!

I have cards that I attach to the dolls so when people buy the dolls at a store or online, they can be reminded where their donation is going. I've brought cards with me today, so that we can all play with the "I AM" phrase. It's really fun and when you're done filling it out, you can attach it to your book bags, use it as a book marker...whatever you want.

Now, because today is so special to me, I'm so happy I was invited-  I'd like to donate a girl doll and boy doll to your classroom- let's vote on which patterns you'd like to have and then we can vote on where you'd like to donate to: Hurricane Sandy or Queens Library.

(craziness begins and the fun of voting and donating is DONE!)

I AM, proud of myself and I've made Alina proud of me as well.

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avaDarlene said...

Love this!! How perfect a way to share. <3